Please Don’t Steal This Pen

Pen & Portable PowerBank

The Pwerful Cylinder Charger and metal pen gift set. 2,000 mAH portable emergency power bank and charger. Features a lightweight aluminum casing with 18650 rechargeable battery, compatible with most smartphones. Includes micro USB and USB adaptors. Metal ballpoint pen with metal clip attached.

A good pen floating around the office is like a golden ticket. A pen with ink that flows like hot butter, has a sleek feel and maybe does something even better than just plain ol’ writing.

We’ve rounded up some of the most impressive pens on the market but be warned, we can’t be held responsible if these pens are the envy of all your coworkers.

The Mobile Friendly Pen

You know that feeling when you glance at your phone’s battery and it says, ‘10%’? Yah, it’s dreadful, we know, and now so does your pen. This ‘powerful’ pen comes with a mini emergency charger just for those stressful moments.

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