5 Tips to Kick off your Your Independence Day Campaign

The 4th of July is the perfect holiday to get together with family and friends, light off fireworks, celebrate with barbecues and parades. It is also a perfect time to let your employees and clients know how much you appreciate them. What better way to show off your patriotic spirit than with a targeting marketing campaign surrounding this holiday.

Direct Printing and Graphics has created five quick tips for you to start your campaign with a bang.

Create light up swag to show off patriotism and your brand

Light up your logo with these novelty items. These affordable and fun promotional products will sure have your clients talking about you at their beach side bonfires.

Give your workplace a Independence Day makeover

Create some buzz within your office and encourage employees to show off their patriotism with a “Red White and Blue Day”! Encourage your colleagues to show off their most patriotic gear and create a parade to view desk decorations. If you have a pet friendly workplace, plan a Patriotic Pet Parade. Prizes for the winners could include a custom tote bag or a Sportula with your logo.

Get involved with the community

Encourage a service day with an organization that is dedicated to helping veterans in your community. Is your local Habitat for Humanity chapter working on a home build? Are they accepting volunteers? Or, reach out to a local organization that is dedicated to supporting Veterans, such as Veterans Count. Encourage your clients and partners to sponsor the service day and create T-shirts displaying your logos. Post on your social media accounts and share the good vibes. 

Give unique summer kick-off gifts

Even though Memorial Day may be the official kickoff to summer, the warmer weather in New England doesn’t come around until July. With the kids out of school, summer is just starting to get into full swing until after July 4th. Here are a  few of our favorite summer items.

Partner with another local business to create twice the buzz

Create a partnership with a local business that pairs well with your business and create a co-branded summer item. See below the project from one of our clients, Monument Mortgage. Monument Mortgage partnered with Remax on the River this easy and affordable beach ball.

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